Farmers Market Vegetble Beef Stew


Taste just like fresh picked veggies, delicious. homemade taste in minutes. Twisted Pepper All natural, no MSG, Gluten Free. Quick & Easy and absolutely Delicious, Everyone will love this soup mix! Just add your favorite veggies and don't forget to go the the Farmers Market today!

Homemade Taste in Minutes
1 Package of Farmers Market Vegetable Beef Soup Mix
1 to 2 lbs of ground beef
6 cups water
1 cam (15.25 oz) diced tomatoes
4 cups of your favorite farmers market vegetables
2 medium size potatoes diced

Brown ground beef, and drain. Add soup mix, remaining ingredients. Stir and bring to boil, then simmer for one hour.

Variations: Add bacon bits, sausage, ot Spice it Up with Green Chiles or Jalapenos.
Garnish with oyster crackers & bacon bits
Yield: About 10, one cup servings