Cane River Kitchenware Classes


     Cane River Kitchenware's Kitchen is our favorite part of the store! Here we have professional chefs (and sometimes aspiring chefs) come in and cook an entire meal for us. They take us step by step through the different courses showing us the special things that can make or break the dish....and then we get to eat each dish. Along with the dishes we have different brews and wines to compliment the meal. One is sure to go home full and happy.  We have couples, singles and groups of friends attend-and by the end of the night you are sure to go home with new menus and new friends.


     Our Cocktail Classes are quite the hit with the ladies, we limit the class to ladies only. We do this because it is fairly difficult to find a spot where you can truely enjoy the night without having to worry about men or worry about disturbing others with all the laughter. We have wonderful h'orderves to complliment the cocktails. It's a great place to come with your friends or come alone to meet others.


Our Chilren's Classes are a delight to budding chefs. We create the class to accomadate the age of the child. Just as with the Adult classes we have a full menu but this one is hands on in order to teach the children how to use cooking tools and to hold their attention span.  One is sure to go home with a happy and more confident young chef!


Finally, we do private cooking classes for office parties, birthdays, girls' night out or just a group of friends or family. All one needs is a minimum of eight people and one is off and running! Just call us at 318-238-3600 and we'll plan a fun event.


If you would like more information on cooking classes during the current month, please click on the button below.




Kym & Phil Habig