We're All About Kitchens!

"We're passionate about bringing quality fun products to your kitchen."  - Kym Habig, Owner
Our Philosophy

​​I opened Cane River Kitchenware in October 2006 in Historical Downtown Natchitoches, LA. I wanted a store where you could always feel comfortable, at home, and find that special kitchen item or gourmet food that you were looking for. We developed cooking classes, sampling in the kitchen on Saturdays, newsletters and have made many friends. I wanted a store that made you feel good-I think we have done that. I hope the web site fills this need as well.

Our Passion

​​Our passion is pleasing people by meeting their needs and wants. All of us at Cane River Kitchenware love to cook, love people and love to serve. What a great place to work! Our lines of food are fabulous, we have incredible kitchen gadgets, tools for great cooking, Chefs to show you how to put it all together and the love of eating-how much better can it get? We hope you enjoy your time as you browse through our wonderful new store!

Our Vision

​​Our customers are always wanting us to expand the store-but I feel that the smallness and closness is part of our succcess-we get to meet people from all over the world and actually get to talk to them. At the same time they want to go home and still be able to purchase our great items! Therefore, we have decided to enter the 21st century and open a web store! We hope you enjoy it as much as shopping in our store.